Monday, February 8, 2010

Is an Eagle dangerous?

With three Bald Eagles in my vicinity one day last week, and with one suddenly bearing down on me in the forest, I asked myself a simple question. Should I be here around their babies alone, without a witness or anyone to warn me of danger? So I came back to the computer to learn that there are a few recorded incidents, but mostly with children. The sharp talons of an Eagle are capable of inflicting damage but an adult human is more able to incapacitate an Eagle than a small child.  It is highly unlikely that an Eagle would attack any human. Very few incidents have been recorded. Although the bird is huge, it does not weigh much. There are many incidents with an Eagle attacking small pets and they can carry rather heavy objects, a 15 pound dog, for example.
Seeing one flying directly towards you can give a person a strong rush! One is put into a state of awe while at the same time, sensing power and danger just moments away.  The bird is super fast in the air and is incredibly skilled in its flight, dodging tree branches and flying in relatively small spaces, as affords the typical forest. 

  The bird leaves its position on a branch with little warning and no sound. Literally a moment, just a blink, it has totally disappeared right before your eyes. I never feel actually threatened, but can be a little uncomfortable when I know the Eagle is looking directly at me and assessing every move.  So for my purpose here, I have to say that an Eagle is not dangerous. It knows man can hurt him and it prefers to stay out of the way. However, I would never ever threaten one of their babies!

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