Saturday, February 6, 2010

Call of the Wild Eagle

The Woodlands Texas' Bald Eagles have returned again. We again have eaglets in the nest(s) and will continue this annual pattern as along as we have enough forest here to sustain them. Eagles require feeding areas and protection for their nest.

One of the majestic qualities of these extraordinary birds is their call.  Try the chirping sound below, because that is the most prevalent sound in the forest when they are nesting. It echoes among the trees which can generate an eerie sensation.

One also hears the sound of the call. I believe from my own experience that the call (below) is the warning of a possible threat. That is what I was greeted with this morning as I initially approached the nest site. First as I neared the nest, two eagles greeted me. I had been nearing the "call" for several minutes. Then suddenly I saw a yearling, one from last year's nest. That was a treat all by itself. What I was not expecting was that the yearling was flying with one of its parents, which followed it. Then the parent turned around to fly back over me, then "she" put on her brakes with her wings, a spectacular sight, and completely metamorphosed herself from a jet into a helicopter. I stood in awe! She was suspended in the air looking me over. I thought - they have me outnumbered and preparing to attack! I guess I passed the test though, because they disappeared over the horizon quickly and every once in a while, she returned, sometimes to check on me and other times paid no attention to me at all.  Once I did see both parents in flight concurrently.    

Sound 3 (repetitive chirp) is another call I hear frequently when in the forest. I get the feeling it is a signal announcing arrival. These recordings are provided by Your virus software might examine the site and warn of a potential virus at that website, but that is OK since the viruses are not in these files. I have verified that with two virus detection products.

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