Friday, February 19, 2010

The Baby Eagle - wild and free from the start

An Eaglet is wild from the start. Think a second about its life. It hatched in January, about the coldest time of the year in this nesting territory. It is a carnivorous creature from day one. At the start, the parents kill the creature it brings to the nest, but after a while, doesn't bother anymore. An eaglet tears the meat with its sharp beak and claws, then gulps it down.

Although I do not have a photo of that process, I have witnessed it. The meat is tossed in the nest and the eaglets feed off of it for a fairly long period of time, if its food is of any significant size. For example, it could be eating possum, rat, fish, cat, rabbit or dog for dinner. The parent can pick up and carry a 10 pound animal to the nest.

This baby bird is about 4 weeks old in my estimate. It is very interested in what is found outside of the nest, inquiring on everything that is happening in the forest. He is aware that I am near; his parents have warned him. The glow in his eyes seem to indicate his desire already to leave the nest and fly free. Freedom rings in the Eagle. His posture is exactly that of a grown bird - one of astuteness, overseer, ruler of the forest, serious and highly perceptive, with far reaching eyesight.

I think it is worth an extra click to see the full size photo.

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