Friday, March 6, 2009

Eaglets in The Woodlands

How fast do these guys grow anyway? I have seen two rather large eaglets in their nest this year. They appear black from the ground but are a dark brown. Soon we will see them flying around. So after about two months, they have grown by leaps and bounds and I would guess by their size, about two weeks from attempting to fly! Mama and papa bring various foods, from small animals to large fish for them.
One parent is always close to the nest to ward off predators or just to ensure danger is not imminent. The parents actually talk to their offspring, alerting them to danger or in other cases, what I believe to be an "all clear" message. After waiting some two hours for a glimpse of anything in the nest, I finally just gave up and started to leave. As soon as I walked away, I heard the sound - "all is clear". I turned around and one eaglet poked his head above the nest. He was looking over the area, quite interested in my departure. I reassembled my gear and quietly approached my observation point without any parental intervention. The eaglet was now more positioned over the nest, enough to compose a a few photographs, one of which I am sharing now. I almost stepped on a Brown Snake as I was watching the skies. These was taken near the end of February. Watch the skies, chances are that you will see or at least hear one or more of these majestic birds. I would also keep an eyes on the ground if out in a park or green area. Even though most snakes are not dangerous, you don't want to step on one. Almost all of them will bite, given the right circumstances.

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