Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And the Eaglets prepare for flying lessons

Our Woodlands Bald Eagles are progressively raising their "teenagers" to be good Woodlands residents. One recent warm Spring day in March, this large beautiful creature was enjoying the evening just watching over the forest. It takes many trees to support the Eagle's lifestyle. He has to have security. He seems to be quite content with the quietness about him, like a Teddy Bear. Click to see a larger view.

Up here, you have to get your exercise in the gym provided. Flying along the rim of the nest provides a means to "spread your wings and fly", but go nowhere.

Thank goodness there are such things as tree limbs, allowing a young Eaglet like me to fly a little ways.

When mama comes around, we look for food. But she watches over us to make sure we are OK and this time she brought no food.

When papa arrived at dusk, mama gave him a piece of her mind and chased him off. He didn't bring home the bacon either! And it was his turn. They got back home late and we feasted on a fish that papa brought home. What is a kid to do with parents who argue, anyway? Don't they know, we are sitting here dependent on them? Thank goodness we live in a remote spot and they are comfortable with our safety here. Sometimes, people seem to be a threat though. Tonight, we are fine. Mama and Papa are close by. I think we get a real flying lesson soon. They say we are not ready yet, but soon ... I hope ... can't wait!

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