Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer - time to catch a giant fish!

David lives in Glenloch Farms near The Woodlands, Texas. On this Saturday, his dad brought him out to do a little summertime fishing. Sure it is hot, but the fish are in the water, and the water has not yet reached the temperatures to push them to the cooler depths. I heard David yelling in excitement. "Dad, this fish is huge!". His pole was bent over and he was struggling to keep the fish on his hook. His dad brought the net and held the rod while David reaped the fruit of his labor. Now this was a prize and I just happened to be there to photograph the event. Thanks to these visitors to The Woodlands, I am able to show what is happening today on our ponds.  Congratulations on a nice catch!

Ponds in The Woodlands, like the other ponds in Southeast Texas, usually contain Large Mouth Bass and Blue Gill perch among other varieties. Sometimes, there will be catfish and crappie also. The food chain is typically mosquito larvae, bugs, mosquito fish, worms, perch, and bass. Crayfish and frogs also play a role in the food chain, especially for bass. 

Like fishermen usually do,this boy gladly followed the rules of the park system and returned this fish to its home, hopefully to spawn next spring or even be caught a few times more. Fish get smarter after being caught, more wise in what to eat and what not to eat.  

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