Monday, December 21, 2009

Waller Cemetery - Grimes County

There are many interesting day trips from The Woodlands Texas and nearby areas. Here is a history buff's opportunity to visit a cemetery in Grimes County, just across the county line from Montgomery.

I was out enjoying the forest and saw a sign to Waller Cemetery. Although visiting a cemetery is not the norm for me, I do enjoy enacting scenes of history in my mind. Do you? Here is a deep forest revelation unveiling evidence of local soldiers who died in the civil war and slavery. Both are part of our history in this area.

John Waller, after whom this cemetery was named, was the founder and first mayor of the city of Austin. He is buried in this cemetery, re-interred in 1926 to rejoin his children.  He adopted the declaration of Texas Independence and served in the war of independence, where he was injured.1 The county of Waller is named after him. This is a really neat place to visit and opens a lot of history deep in the heart of Texas, in our own backyard.

To get there, one must take narrow forest dirt roads and even cross a small creek by automobile on board planks. It is remote but easily accessible in dry weather.
This is one of several very old gravestones, reminding us of the life difficulties. Martha Long lived a full life of that era. She is cataloged with the other interred Texans in this cemetery.2

The cemetery is small but rich with history. I found it worthwhile to visit in my exploration of this part of Montgomery County and nearby locations. Also interred here are two African American Texans who were buried outside of the cemetery because of racial segregation.   

1 Edwin Waller, Texas State Cemetery
2 Waller Cemetery - catalog

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