Saturday, August 8, 2009

Red Spider of the night

In The Woodlands as in other parts of Southeast Texas, we have a multitude of spider species. By a brightly lit full moon, I observed this bright reddish orange spider that on close examination, was not really red at all. I would like to identify it but have not succeeded yet. As quickly as this little lady spun her web, she laid eggs and posed for a while this evening. The next morning it was all gone.
I went out early to see how the web did and there was nothing, so I have to assume the little guys hatched and left. The web could have existed for a couple of days or been destroyed overnight. It was watering night, but no water goes as high as the eggs were laid.


Mrs. Owens said...

We have a similar spider who has made a new web every night between my husband's truck and the large oak tree in our front yard. It doesn't seem to last long, but has been remaid repeatedly. Would love to know if anyone identifies it.

Ultra Guard said...

I have 2 spiders that look like this (different trees) next to my house and car. they hang about 10 - 30 feet down from the branch (about 3 feet off the ground). anyone identify this yet?

Doris Herrmann said...

We have a spider just like this one in our yard. Did you find out what kind of spider it was?