Friday, May 8, 2009

Tennessee Birds - common species

While investigating the forest, I focused a while on the birds. This is a time consuming task, to photograph birds that is. Most of the birds viewed there were the same species as here in The Woodlands, with a few slight twists. The bird above is the Cedar Waxwing. It is migratory and was in the trees in an apparent migration north. They were stripping the trees of seed pods. It was a feeding frenzy!

This little guy is a Kinglet but not sure of exact identity.

This colorful little fellow is a Rufus-sided Towhee.

Another colorful bird I saw plenty of but got few photos, was this Red Breasted Nuthatch above. It was nesting near the cabin. in the BBQ pit. Notice the food it brought to feed its babies.

Here was one of the brightest Cardinals one can ever find. You can see that it was nesting time. Already the birds here in The Woodlands are looking a bit shabby from raising their young.
We have seen this bird time after time in the piney forest. They are also common in Tennessee - the Carolina Wren. This was found near the cabin, feeding in the front yard.
This is a nest of three nuthatch chicks (one flew out). They other two flew out when the flash went off but returned to the nest the next morning.

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