Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Just passing through The Woodlands, do you have to be so rude?" says the Robin

I laughed really hard at this scene. You know how obnoxious and aggressive a Mockingbird can be, especially during nesting time! How about pre-nesting time? Over the past two days, hoards of Robins have been migrating through this area. It appears they spent the night, ate breakfast and soared off further north. Perhaps, the reason was this nasty little non neighborly resident.

He tried to chase all of them off, attacking every time he could. I wanted to have a talk with this guy on how to treat beautiful guests. Anyway, he would attack one and forty would fly into the bush full of berries to replace the one chased away. Finally, I saw no Mockingbird. I think he had to go take a nap. So rude!

Anyway, I hope you heard the many Robins talking and calling outside as I did. There is nothing like seeing the yard full of migratory birds, starving hungry, going after all the Yaupon berries, worms and seeds that they can gobble up. Last year I caught a glimpse of hundreds of Waxwings passing through. After they cleaned up the worms out of the yard and the Yaupon around the house, they started into this berry-filled bush.

It was a very quiet afternoon as things returned to normal on their departure. We still have some berries though. Hope to have another wave of these birds come and stay a while. Usually we have many around here for a few weeks bop bop bopping along in the grass and trees.

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