Sunday, March 9, 2008

An early Spring Stroll amidst The Woodlands Texas forest

In The Woodlands, there are many miles of pathways for a variety of Spring strolls through the forest. This stroll was in Panther Creek Village in February.

On one quiet cool day, one observes the squirrels everywhere digging up acorns they planted in the fall. Many of them are beginning their courtships and establishing territory where they will raise their young. As one passes by these little creatures, the sole sound one hears is their sudden startling movements over the leaves and twigs on the ground. One looks up and sees very bright green leaves just beginning to show themselves on some of the small trees and brush. Look down and one sees the first of the wildflowers starting to cover the ground or the first blooms of the Trumpet vines as in this picture. Or after so much rain as we have experienced this year, one of the many small bogs hidden in the pine needles on the ground, soaking and creating the acidic water that fuels many of the forest plants and trees.

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